Personal Crimes

Fast hands

Ker Kulain

Well shit, one of our top second story guys got pinched and now he’s being held at a detention center downtown. We were going to just hit the transport truck and spring him when they go to move him tomorrow, but we just got word they are gonna move him by chopper. We all know that Fasthands isn’t the prison type, if we don’t get him freed before he gets to that prison, there is no telling what kinds of magic beans he’s gonna spill.

I need a team to stop the transfer helo, jam it, crash it, prevent it from flying. We don’t care, just find a way to force them to move him by ground. We will take care of the rest. Oh, and don’t tip off the pawns or the whole missions a mess.


Hiring Agent: Ker Kulain of the Ancients Gang
Task objective: Force prison transfer by ground assets instead of by air so that the transport can be intercepted by Ancients.
Opposition: Knight Errant Prison Transport Detail
Payment: 45,000 with 15,000 bonus if the group is subtle and prevents QRF response (no killing, no alarms)


_storyteller_ _storyteller_

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