Personal Crimes

Mr. Brightside

You’ve been busy, busy, busy, playing politics, doing the right thing, white knighting for the downtrodden Ork Underground against that monster of a politician Brackhaven.

So, the rumor has it that you were behind the datasteal that took place during the riots last night, and that you stole something very incriminating and very newsworthy from those servers, something that Brackhaven would never, ever want to see the light of day.

So, I’ll tell you what, give me the data. Or even just an exclusive on the leak before it goes public. You don’t have to share the whole thing with me, just let my clients be the first on the matrix to move with this data officially, before you release it to any other parties.

For ever hour of exclusive lead you give me, I will give you $1,000 nuyen. Give me the full 24 hour scoop and I will throw in a kicker of another $6k. So 30k total if you give me 24 hours to work my magic on the information before you take it public yourself.

I mean, a public scandal like this is a rare find and can be very lucrative when managed properly. Consider it a favor me and I will make it up to you, I mean, you did just demonstrate that you can handle playing in the deep end, so maybe you can get some more invites into my kind of pool parties.


_storyteller_ _storyteller_

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