Personal Crimes

Price on your heads

Kid Whiskey

So, there is this counter shadowrunning specialist, by the name of Drexel. You might have seen him on the news recently laying in to groups of rioters at the Brackhaven Investments riots on Labor Day.

Drexel, if you haven’t seen, is a Dragon. Adult, male, western, blue back, white blue belly.

Drexel just fled the country precluding use of force charges for the way he handled the rioting. Apparently incinerating unarmed protesters is not an approved method for dealing with trespassing.

Well, this Dragon just started reaching out to his connections offering a bounty on the group of runners behind the datasteal at Brackhaven.

I have thrown up a smoke screen to delay anyone tracing things back to you, but he was able to pick out some distinguishing parts of the astral signature mumbo jumbo, and well, it is only a matter of time. I can keep delaying and setting up wild goose chases, but it is gonna cost you.

Oh and some Harvester fucks left a message saying they need Boom Boom to fix a garbage truck for them. All I know is the thing smelled like a Sasquatch’s asshole. They said they set her up with a new workshop and left the keys to the place with me, so I went ahead and had a buddy of mine go in a set up an actual apartment so that you don’t have to worry about the little ones drinking jet fuel anymore. I will add my buddies bill to your “tab”.


_storyteller_ _storyteller_

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