Personal Crimes

Look on the Brightside....

Mr. Brightside

Hey, it’s you friendly neighborhood Johnson who isn’t a Johnson, I mean seriously, Branding!

Anyway, if you couldn’t tell from my dazzling icon, it is Mr. Brightside, I need some well polished help for this weekend and I figured that you might be able to help me.

I have a young new starlet coming into town a real ingenue. The trouble is my PR team has picked up some chatter indicating an obsessed fan, the fan knows our internal security team and procedures, so I need an outsider to come in an run a close protection detail.

I need to make sure that this premier goes off without a hitch. I need polish, I need snap. I need chrome. I need her to feel safe and comfortable, and I need to keep her on task. Nothing is to tarnish her image.


_storyteller_ GentleDeer319

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