Tag: JOB


  • Look on the Brightside....

    [[:mr-brightside | Mr. Brightside]] Hey, it's you friendly neighborhood Johnson who isn't a Johnson, I mean seriously, Branding! Anyway, if you couldn't tell from my dazzling icon, it is Mr. Brightside, I need some well polished help for this …

  • Rumor has it

    [[:mr-brightside | Mr. Brightside]] You've been busy, busy, busy, playing politics, doing the right thing, white knighting for the downtrodden Ork Underground against that monster of a politician Brackhaven. So, the rumor has it that you were behind …

  • Supply Chain Management

    [[:jackson-andrews | Jackson Andrews]] I have a client, I am looking for a team to help assist me with some supply chain management, I need to make sure a rival interests prototype does not make it to the Seattle Tech Expo conference next week.

  • Kill the Messenger

    [[:shifu | Shifu]] Someone is out and about spreading nasty rumors about me to local law and the UCAS organized crimes division. I will pay well for someone to look into the matter and silence these rumors.