Tag: Dwarf


  • Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell would be a shadowrunner... if she wasn't so damn scared. While she's a thief, a hacker a tinker and a modder of all sorts of things electronic, bionic and cybernetic she's non-violent and really really scared of guns. So she gets by in the …

  • Kid Whiskey

    Kid Whiskey likes being the underdog. He's frequently underestimated by his competitors and almost always manages to get the last laugh. He's excellent with paydata fencing and serving as an information font.

  • Commander Harrington

    "Former CAS crew chief, Harrington is used to being around big machines with lots of firepower. Now he works for Knight Errant, running the high value prisoner transport division. He's known for being kinder to his aircraft and drones than he is to his …