Personal Crimes

Welcome and the story so far....

Hey everyone, this is my idea for a narrative so far to bring everyone together. This is meant to be a shared narrative, so please edit! Replace player names for Character names, establish stories of these few missions…. history with each other. None of this is set in stone, I welcome any feedback, this is just one way of putting everyone together from what I know so far.

Looking forward to playing!

This group has an established history. Matt was the initial social glue, having worked criminal cases of some sort against all of you. Mel and Matt may have had a romantic history in the past, but that is mostly long gone. Drew has a violentdestructive history with META PETA, a group for the ethical treatment of animals, especially rights for sentient critters, his activist days are in the past now, but have given him a history that keeps him away from being a wage mage or magical researcher for the high end corps. It was Matt’s intervention and redirection of the case against him that kept him out of a corporate prison. Finally Bri is well known as a smuggler and illegal modder and has a developed reputation. When Matt left knight errant he knew he needed to call in some favors for people to help watch his back, when things got a little messier you all started running the shadows together, after about a dozen minor missions together you are starting to make a name as a professional crew that can handle a wide variety of work. You even used to have a 5th member, an Ork street samurai named Tengu who died saving everyone on your last mission. You’ve spent the last couple of months in your safe houses laying low and waiting for things to cool down but now the money is getting tight again and you know you need to start hitting the streets. Out of respect for Tengu you meet at his favorite bar and grill, the Tusk and Horn for drinks. Up on the wall near your booth you can even see the toothy grin of robust ork, smiling over what looks like a brand new cyberarm, he was younger then.

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