Well dressed, Shifu is a wise bullshitter with a cat that got the cream smile.


“Shifu is a Fixer on the mend, he used to rule the streets as a gun runner and man who made things happen, who knew people. Then one day he got burned, all of his contacts dried up, and hits started coming after him. Knight Errant picked him up soon after, business being business, he provided a small list of the people who had betrayed him to KE in exchange for a shorter sentence and protection.” – Lt. Morgan

“The protection worked well, and Shifu is back on the streets. Whatever heat he attracted before seems have blown over, he’s reestablishing contacts and trying to figure out who he had crossed in the first place to get blackballed.” – Kid Whiskey

“A lot of the shadows don’t trust a fixer who turned snitch, which works fine for Shifu since he’s determined to let the money talk this time, and never get blindsided again.” – Teddy


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