Commander Harrington

A militant looking dwarf in pilot's overalls, unmatched cybereyes and a large pistol. His pet drone is never far away.


His constant companion is steel lynx tactical drone which is bigger than he is. He’s painted it the KE colors (green and gold). He isn’t opposed to jumping on the back and riding it around.


“Former CAS crew chief, Harrington is used to being around big machines with lots of firepower. Now he works for Knight Errant, running the high value prisoner transport division. He’s known for being kinder to his aircraft and drones than he is to his employees. He’s also known for running an efficient shop with minimum equipment downtime and a high success rate for prisoner transfers.” – Lt Morgan

“A recent screw-up with the fuel at the landing pad lead to a ground transport being attacked and the prisoner transport division loosing a prisoner. This was a huge embarrassment for KE, which lead to Commander Harrington being blackballed. He knows it was a group of runners that screwed him over, and word on the street is he’s looking for revenge.” – Shifu

Commander Harrington

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