Blonde human in a dirty coat, hands are always dirty, always smiling and looking at things that don't seem to be really there.


“Chaucer is a talismonger, connected with META PETA he refuses to deal in any goods that involve the exploitation of sentient awakened. He’s also part of the green thumb network a group dedicated to 6th age sustainability, especially sustainability of awakened species. Basically, he’s an awakened hippy. He sometimes Johnsons jobs for these groups, the jobs never pay well, but can do wonders for public image.” – Kid Whiskey

“Don’t let the save the paracritters! message fool you, Meta Peta and the Green Thumb Network are eco-terrorists, they would see the cities of the 6th age burn in order to bring about a 7th age of nomadic barbarism, get too involved with them and you might see you corporate connections dry up.” – Jackson Andrews


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