Allen Smyth

Allen looks at things that aren't there, talks to things that no one can see and smells inexplicably like bananas.


“A known writer, magical researcher and and talismonger. Allen would be more useful if he made more sense, when he is coherent he is brilliant, when he gets on a conspiracy theory rift you are best to leave him with some space, otherwise you will wind up on missions supporting his very fractured view.” – Jackson Andrews

“Allen keeps friends because he is knowledgeable, brilliant even. He just has also experienced things on the astral realm that he can’t comprehend or describe and it is taking it’s toll. Still he’s a master of the Hermetic tradition and is well versed in the process of researching new spell formula.” – Chaucer

“Allen set up shop recently in on the edge of the Ork Underground, if you need his knowledge or are looking something that no one else seems to have, he’s your guy. He will also pay top dollar for magical research that might support his theories.” – Kid Whiskey

Allen Smyth

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