Personal Crimes

A History of Violence


Some wannabe crime prince is setting up operations in the area, some goons came in the other day trying to rattle me for protection money. I tossed them out on their asses, but the next day the put Cherry in the hospital. Now Candi is missing completely.

Kill the Messenger


Someone is out and about spreading nasty rumors about me to local law and the UCAS organized crimes division. I will pay well for someone to look into the matter and silence these rumors.

Supply Chain Management

Jackson Andrews

I have a client, I am looking for a team to help assist me with some supply chain management, I need to make sure a rival interests prototype does not make it to the Seattle Tech Expo conference next week.

Ringing the bell

Tinkerbell can repair the damage to Paradox’s headware, the replacement components will run $25,000 and her time will run $5,000. The repairs will require 3 weeks of bed rest and no use of BTLs until the damage is healed.

Price on your heads

Kid Whiskey

So, there is this counter shadowrunning specialist, by the name of Drexel. You might have seen him on the news recently laying in to groups of rioters at the Brackhaven Investments riots on Labor Day.

Drexel, if you haven’t seen, is a Dragon. Adult, male, western, blue back, white blue belly.

Drexel just fled the country precluding use of force charges for the way he handled the rioting. Apparently incinerating unarmed protesters is not an approved method for dealing with trespassing.

Well, this Dragon just started reaching out to his connections offering a bounty on the group of runners behind the datasteal at Brackhaven.

I have thrown up a smoke screen to delay anyone tracing things back to you, but he was able to pick out some distinguishing parts of the astral signature mumbo jumbo, and well, it is only a matter of time. I can keep delaying and setting up wild goose chases, but it is gonna cost you.

Oh and some Harvester fucks left a message saying they need Boom Boom to fix a garbage truck for them. All I know is the thing smelled like a Sasquatch’s asshole. They said they set her up with a new workshop and left the keys to the place with me, so I went ahead and had a buddy of mine go in a set up an actual apartment so that you don’t have to worry about the little ones drinking jet fuel anymore. I will add my buddies bill to your “tab”.

Rumor has it

Mr. Brightside

You’ve been busy, busy, busy, playing politics, doing the right thing, white knighting for the downtrodden Ork Underground against that monster of a politician Brackhaven.

So, the rumor has it that you were behind the datasteal that took place during the riots last night, and that you stole something very incriminating and very newsworthy from those servers, something that Brackhaven would never, ever want to see the light of day.

So, I’ll tell you what, give me the data. Or even just an exclusive on the leak before it goes public. You don’t have to share the whole thing with me, just let my clients be the first on the matrix to move with this data officially, before you release it to any other parties.

For ever hour of exclusive lead you give me, I will give you $1,000 nuyen. Give me the full 24 hour scoop and I will throw in a kicker of another $6k. So 30k total if you give me 24 hours to work my magic on the information before you take it public yourself.

I mean, a public scandal like this is a rare find and can be very lucrative when managed properly. Consider it a favor me and I will make it up to you, I mean, you did just demonstrate that you can handle playing in the deep end, so maybe you can get some more invites into my kind of pool parties.

Tired of the Sprawl?
Independent Contractors Needed for Special Projects

All skills needed, signing bonus available for individuals with the following backgrounds:

- Combat Arms, CQB
- Desert Survival
- International Cultures and Arabic Languages
- Medical and Biotech
- Pilot, Rigging, Mechanical
- Secure and Hardened Communications
- Tactical Applications of Magic
- Para-biological threat mitigation

Travel, prediem paid.

Look on the Brightside....

Mr. Brightside

Hey, it’s you friendly neighborhood Johnson who isn’t a Johnson, I mean seriously, Branding!

Anyway, if you couldn’t tell from my dazzling icon, it is Mr. Brightside, I need some well polished help for this weekend and I figured that you might be able to help me.

I have a young new starlet coming into town a real ingenue. The trouble is my PR team has picked up some chatter indicating an obsessed fan, the fan knows our internal security team and procedures, so I need an outsider to come in an run a close protection detail.

I need to make sure that this premier goes off without a hitch. I need polish, I need snap. I need chrome. I need her to feel safe and comfortable, and I need to keep her on task. Nothing is to tarnish her image.

Fast hands

Ker Kulain

Well shit, one of our top second story guys got pinched and now he’s being held at a detention center downtown. We were going to just hit the transport truck and spring him when they go to move him tomorrow, but we just got word they are gonna move him by chopper. We all know that Fasthands isn’t the prison type, if we don’t get him freed before he gets to that prison, there is no telling what kinds of magic beans he’s gonna spill.

I need a team to stop the transfer helo, jam it, crash it, prevent it from flying. We don’t care, just find a way to force them to move him by ground. We will take care of the rest. Oh, and don’t tip off the pawns or the whole missions a mess.


Hiring Agent: Ker Kulain of the Ancients Gang
Task objective: Force prison transfer by ground assets instead of by air so that the transport can be intercepted by Ancients.
Opposition: Knight Errant Prison Transport Detail
Payment: 45,000 with 15,000 bonus if the group is subtle and prevents QRF response (no killing, no alarms)

Looking for someone to handle my precious cargo....


Hey, I need someone to pick up a shipment at the docs and provide security. I have some software coming in that is critical to my operation. I’ll provide the trucks, you just have to make sure that my shipment comes in and that the privacy of my business interest in maintained, that means keeping the port authority inspector away from my shipment!


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